What are your printing capabilities?

DIRECT-TO-GARMENT (DTG) PRINTING: Inkjet printing on a garment or goods using an all-digital method.

DIRECT-TO-GARMENT (DTG) PRINTING WITH WHITE: Prints a white layer on darker clothing as a “primer,” then adds colored inks on top of the primer.

SCREEN PRINTING: Creates a design by forcing ink through fibers via a succession of screens.

ULTRA PRINTS: Inks are applied to specialty paper in a manner similar to screen printing. Using intense heat, the inks are transferred from the paper to the clothing.

VINYL APPLICATION: This technique involves cutting vinyl into a pattern or design and applying it on a garment with intense heat.

DYE SUBLIMATION: Heat-sensitive ink is used on 100% polyester clothing and applied at high temperatures.

EMBROIDERY: Creates a raised pattern with different types and colors of threads through ornamental stitching.

What does the quoted price include?

Your stated price includes a t-shirt (or product) in your preferred color, size, and style, a shirt design with as many colors as you like, one-sided printing, and a heartfelt thank you. There is an extra fee if you want a second print on the same shirt. For any promos, discounts, or a tailored quotation, please contact your local Big Frog shop. At any time, we retain the right to alter our rates.

What is the minimum order you accept?

You may buy as little as ONE unique item and as many as 100,000 using our printing methods.

Is there any discount on bulk order?

Yes, we provide volume discounts on orders of 10 or more items. Most things may also be mixed and matched. It doesn’t have to be identical in terms of design or color!

How fast can I get my delivery?

If you select an in-stock style, color, and size, as well as a DTG or vinyl embellishment, your shirts will be placed in our printing queue and delivered within 24 hours. It may take 2 to 10 days to fulfil your purchase if we need to buy your shirts or apply a unique decoration method. Please inform us of your deadline so that we may fulfil your purchase on time. Please contact your local shop for further information on a delivery timeline if you have a rush order.

Is it possible to get a second shirt with the same design later?

Yes, we preserve client files for an extended period of time. Please provide your complete name and a brief description of your original graphic when calling to get your design reproduced. This will allow us to quickly locate it and print it for you.

Is it okay if I bring my own shirt to be printed?

The policy on client clothing is determined by each independently owned business. If your local business is willing to print on your clothing, keep in mind that we usually print on cotton and cotton blends (a 50/50 mix is preferred). We can also print on 100% polyester goods, however wash ability cannot be guaranteed. Instead, we recommend selecting from our catalogue of thousands of shirts so that we can ensure the quality of your print.

What are the different methods of payment that you accept?

The sorts of payments that are accepted are determined by the shop owner. The majority of Big Frog locations, however, take Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express. Money orders and personal cheques are also accepted at some businesses. There is a $35 charge if your local retailer accepts personal checks and your check is returned. We would gladly send you a Paypal invoice if you want to utilise PayPal for your purchases.

Can I become a reseller? If yes, then how?

For additional information, start by contacting your local shop. For resellers, each independently owned and managed Big Frog has its own regulations and pricing. It’s possible that applications and verification of a reseller’s certificate may be required.